A Junior Mining Company founded by a legendary prospector Ron Netolitzky. 


About the name - Many will know Eros to be the name of the legendary god of love from ancient Greek mythology. In is a lesser known fact that the god of love also inspired the name of an asteroid 433 EROS. The asteroid is rumored to contain very large quantities of pure gold. This, and our love of exploration and discovery became an inspiration for naming our company Eros Resources Corp. 

Eros Resources Corp. is a well funded Canadian public company focused on the exploration and development of mostly gold focused resource projects as well as strategic investment in resource companies in North America. 

Eros Resources trades on:

Our Business Approach - The approach rests on two main pillars. One of them is a straightforward exploration and subsequent development of  high quality properties. The second one is a strategic exposure to a diversified portfolio of mining and exploration projects via equity investments and/or partnerships.  All with an ultimate goal of increasing the value of the company to our shareholder. Whether an exploration opportunity or an investment, the projects are selected and pursued by a highly experienced and successful team of geologists, miners and finance professionals. 


An important business activity of the company is the identification, acquisition, exploration and development of advanced resource projects with a North American focus.


Eros builds a strategic portfolio of investments made out of selected resource companies. The Company’s expertise in the resource sector supports the selection of these  investments. 

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